Diagnostic Radiology

Even in this era of advanced imaging technology, some cases are best managed with basic radiology. The RP Eagle commitment to comprehensive service includes interpretation of the traditional modalities. We know patients and facilities rely on these traditional scans. Our radiologists read every image with a superior level of urgency are care.

eagle-rp-radiology-sm-circle-9Plain Radiology (X-ray)

X-ray was the first imaging available for radiologists. Because it is faster and cheaper, plain radiology is often the first-line of defense in cases. Despite the availability of many other imaging services, sometimes a simple X-ray is the best choice.


Fluoroscopy is a special type of X-ray. RP Eagle radiologists use fluoroscopy to see real-time, moving images of the tissues and structures inside the body. This diagnostic tool is very effective for cases involving the pumping of a heart or a swallowing motion.