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RP Eagle


byron-christie-md-radiologistThe RP Eagle team of board certified radiologists is helping rural and metro health care providers win the battle by providing complete turnkey reading services that meet the financial requirements of hospitals, while exceeding the patient expectations.

“Driven by Success, Guided by Principle”

Our strong commitment to advanced technology, personal service and clinical excellence mean your facility can benefit from leading edge technology and services delivered by caring and friendly radiologists. It is our mission to provide the highest quality radiology service while aligning with our core values; Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence, Service, and Accountability.

“We believe friendliness and dependability are paramount.”


anthony-charles-toppins-md-radiologist-oldEagle Partners, PLLC is a leader in the Oklahoma and Texas imaging markets and provides exceptional, high quality, compassionate care. We are committed to helping Oklahoma and Texas health care providers win the battle for wellness by providing complete, accurate radiology services for hospitals we serve. Hospitals face a historically competitive marketplace; patients are demanding more services, higher quality care and close to home convenience. It has never been more important to keep patients in town for treatment. We share your priorities. The staff at RP Eagle is working around-the-clock to ensure patients have accurate and valuable information about their health. Our mission at RP Eagle is to provide high quality, timely, diagnostic and interventional radiology for every type of patient. Join with RP Eagle to provide the highest level of care. RP Eagle is an affiliated practice of Radiology Partners, visit www.radpartners.com for more information.

“It has never been more important to keep patients in town for treatment.”

eagle-rp-radiology-sm-circle-3Why is RP Eagle a good fit for your team?

We are driven by success and guided by principle. The staff at RP Eagle is ready to join you in a partnership that brings experienced radiologists to your clinical team. The interventional radiologists at RP Eagle will enhance your facility’s current offerings. A partnership with RP Eagle can grow your business. We are excited to bring an expanded level of radiology care to your facility. Lets grow together!

“Let’s grow together!”