Computed Tomography (CT)

RP Eagle is your source for complete CT reading and interpretation 24 hours a day. Computed Tomography (often called a CT or CAT) scans give incredibly detailed information by taking cross-sectional images throughout the body on a spiral scanner. CT scans are achieved using radiation. Depending on the type of exam a physician may order, the patient may have to drink a flavored liquid before an exam or receive an injection of contrasting material. This contrasting liquid allows certain organs to be better visualized within the body. Exams take 5 to 20 minutes and are completely painless.

eagle-rp-ct-circle-1Body CT

CT imaging is one of the fastest and most accurate techniques for examining the chest, abdomen and pelvis.

CT Angiography

CT Angiography is a minimally invasive, diagnostic procedure utilizing a CT scanner for detailed images of vessels and tissues. The use of an injection dye, or other contrasting material allows RP Eagle radiologists to view vessels throughout the body.

Virtual Colonography

Virtual Colonography uses low dose radiation to obtain an interior view of the large intestine. This type of CT scan is an alternative for a more invasive procedure in which a scope is inserted into the colon.

CT Guided Biopsy

CT guided biopsy is an extremely precise method for obtaining cells from a suspicious area of the body. During a CT guided biopsy a physician uses a tiny needle, inserted into the body, to retrieve a tissue or fluid sample from an organ or tumor while being guided by live CT scan images.